Woodland Snail, WI, USA


“Woodland Snail – 

Came across this little guy while hiking Newport State Park, Door County, Wi.” John Velguth

A big thanks goes to John for allowing me to share this with everyone. It’s always fun to see snails from my home state of WI.

John has been shooting outdoor/nature/wildlife photography for about 8 years and has been self-taught. His images are just amazing! Please check out his other work at the following link: John Velguth Facebook Page


Palawan, Philippines

Really neat snails from Palawan, Philippines. Originally these images came from another blog – Gastropods in Palawan — Ianthe Marie Benliro’s Blog

There is location date information, however, no identification information. If anyone knows what any of these snails are please comment. I have listed the picture 2, 3, 4 and 1 would be the feature image at the top.

Picture 2

slide9Picture 3slide7Picture 4

Austin, Texas

The images above and below were taken by Steve Schwartzman in Blackland Prairie in far northeast Austin. You can view his full post at https://portraitsofwildflowers.wordpress.com/2016/05/16/snail-on-a-small-plant/#comment-53991, as well as many other interesting posts and beautiful images.

I believe the snail is a Theba pisana ( White Garden Snail) however, it’s hard to say as their shells can vary so much in color.

Please leave a comment if you agree or think it could be a different type of snail.



Mountain View, California

After a bit of digging around online, we were able to determine that this is indeed a Milk snailK.L. Allendoerfer captured this image at Shoreline Park in Mountain View CA, in the SF Bay Area.

K.L. Allendoerfer is a neuroscientist, educator, geocacher, Unitarian-Universalist, an amateur violinist, and parent. She is an extremely interesting, talented individual and has shown great kindness in allowing me to share her image with everyone. You can visit her page at https://klallendoerfer.wordpress.com/  and view her full snail post at https://klallendoerfer.wordpress.com/2016/05/09/mundane-monday-snail-in-the-rain/


Holmdel Park, Holmdel, NJ

“This terrestrial, shell-backed crawler was making its way down one of the unpaved paths of the Ramanessin section of Holmdel Park. Like a sleek, gray muscle, it pulled itself through the grass & weeds with apparent aplomb.” -parkpathwalker

You can check out the full post at Land snail ho! | parkpaths

Type is Unknown possibly a Grove snail (Cepaea nemoralis)?

Please comment if you can confirm or know.

Picture taken by parkpathwalker May 19, 2016


Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Image Taken By: Tiffany Dearborn Photography


“Snails always remind me of The Worst Witch” – Tiffany Dearborn Photography

Picture taken by the EXTREMELY talented Photographer Tiffany Dearborn. She has an amazing eye and great patience in getting the perfect shot! You can check out more of her images by visiting her Facebook page I have linked above. Thank you again to Tiffany for allow me to share this with everyone!

**Also if anyone can identify this gorgeous snail please leave a comment.

White Desert Snail

The following information I gathered from: http://www.arkive.org/white-desert-snail/eremarionta-immaculata/

  • The white desert snail is found only in the Riverside Mountains in eastern Riverside County, California
  • The white desert snail is aptly named for its all-white shell.
  • Unlike other members of its genus, the white desert snail has no brown bands on its shell.
  • The white desert snail lives on slopes of loose rocks at the base of ravines, preferring areas with smaller rocks that provide a moister environment.
  • The white desert snail remains dormant for most of the year, helping it to retain moisture in its dry desert environment.